This is where I list what the site still lacks.

Have scan/booklet, haven't done:

Trap Zone
[feel on the dark](Scan available)
one day
Moonlight Dance
Twinkle Package
Kanojo to Furudokei(Also translation I have permission to use, but I need to get off my ass and type kanji/romanize first, I have an unwritten rule that anything here MUST have kanji)
Inori(See Kanojo)

Kanji but no romaji:

Sole entry here is Ichioku no PARUCHIZAN

Don't have booklet/scans, need:

Risoukyou Ryokyouku guide disk skits
Shikkoku no Gerunika
Kokou no Tsuki
Ichiaku Taiyou

Of questionable existance, but would love to have if existant:

Everything MYU did, bar Remembrance since PlC re-used it and I have it.

The Impossibles(AKA random spoken bits and other stuff that doesn't have written lyrics anywhere unless Japanese fans have figured it out and posted it on the web somewhere):

Self Analysis/Prism mutterings in the middle of Sei~Excalibur~Ken
Daishi's line at the end of Planet Last Children
Kami no Niwa
Mother Garden
Kanji for Lida's rap in Gekiai Merry-go-Round
Yuu(Inexplicably, the booklet for Beautiful World does not have them.)
Lida's rap in Dance II Heaven
Anything else in this category I'm forgetting

If you have anything at all that's listed here and would like to contribute scans/typed kanji/romanizations/translations, please feel free to do so to help this site out. Send an e-mail to JLennon910 @ with 'PlC lyrics' somewhere in the subject line and I'll get to it.