Welcome to Magical Lyrics, AKA Ian-Kun X's Psycho le Cemu lyrics archive. The aim here is simple: To provide kanji and romaji lyrics for songs by the band Psycho le Cemu, with the odd translation or two thrown in as well. I aim to someday be comprehensive, but until then, enjoy what's here. Contributions of scans/typed kanji/romanji/translations are always welcome. Drop me a line at iankunx@gmail.com with PlC lyrics in the subject line.

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10/06/06 - And again. REVIVAL is a really easy song to do, so... It's done. XD;
10/05/06 - And another update! Except this time it's not Psycho le Cemu, it's Nameless by Daishi and Lida's previous band, Myu. :D Managed to get my hands on a copy of the demo tape so I can finally do some Myu lyrics like I've been wanting to for ages. Still need to do the other three tracks. ^^;
9/14/06 - Wow, it's been over a year. X.x I haven't abandoned this site completely! ^^; Only thing new is my very amateur attempt at transliterating and translating Beautiful World's Yuu. Right now I don't have a Japanese text editor and the IME is too damned clunky to use and doesn't let me do radical lookups, so until I get that sorted again I won't really be able to get anything done, especially since I can't find my copy of A trip to the Arcadia and my copy of the A-type Love Is Dead single seems to have been left in North Carolina when I moved to California, so no Last Emotion for a while... T_T Donations of scans are as always welcome and appreciated! Especially of Epilogue since I wasn't able to get it due to my financial situation at the time. T_T Thank you all for continuing to come to this site even though I haven't been able to keep it up to date. m(_ _)m
5/1/05 - LOVE IS DEAD and Shibashi no Wakare. LAST EMOTION and Bushido when I feel like it. Romaji thanks to Ririsu.

Previous updates

That's all for now. Updates will come as I get things romanized and/or find more lyrics.