4/16/05: Ye gods, it's been a long time. And not much to show for it. Between school, getting to go to Megacon and see PlC live, and feeling generally blah, not much has been accomplished by me, has it? X_x; But at least there's one new thing, Scream has been added, with kanji and romaji. Romaji thanks to Ririsu.
2/07/05: Finally got off my lazy butt and typed up Inori and romanized it. Booklet scan and translation are all Ririsu's fault, I swear. *dodges snowball* ^o^;
1/26/05: Translation for Sei~Excalibur~Ken added thanks to Jonathan Protiva. Sorry I haven't gotten any more of Beautiful World up, but the holidays sucked and now there's math to deal with. >_<;
12/28/04: INDORA no Ya added.
12/04/04: New friendlier site layout. Whee!
12/02/04: I know, I know, I still have a bunch of Beautiful World to put up, but my copy of a trip to the Arcadia arrived yesterday and Genesis forced me to romanize it. XP
11/19/2004: Neo, Panorama and UNIVERSE from Beautiful World added. Thanks to Ririsu for the scans. The rest will come eventually, I'm behind on everything and sadly school takes precedence over lyrics.
11/07/04: Ten to Hitokiri added, finishing off Yume Kazaguruma single. Thanks go to Ririsu for the scan.
10/30/04: Early Autumn, thanks to Akeshiko and Ririsu for the scans.
10/25/04: Random update, Lida's rap added to Yume Kazaguruma and Demonology thanks to Akeshiko for the scans, official noting of slapping up Legend of Sword, me randomly noting that my birthday was yesterday and that the counter has slipped past 1000 hits.
10/06/04: Yume Kazaguruma added.
9/24/04: Small but fascinating update: What Daishi is mumbling in the middle of Sei~Excalibur~Ken on the guide disk/Trip to the Arcadia versions of the song. :D Thanks to lyrics masters AYA for pointing me to this. n.n
8/18/04: Broker and UNDEAD MAN added, Sky-High crept up a couple of days ago. More to come, but I'm too lazy right now. :D Thanks again to Ririsu for the booklet scans.
8/14/04: Ian's internet goes down. Everything here except Ichioku no PARUCHIZAN and [feel on the dark] now has at least kanji and romanji as I had nothing better to do than sit and romanize lyrics for hours on end. You're welcome. ^_-;
8/12/04: 500 hits! Whoo!
8/08/04: Translation for Prism, thanks to Lyme.
7/22/04: Kanji and romanji added for entirety of Prism mini-album. Four new songs, five new romanizations. Many, many thanks go to Ririsu for the lyrics booklet scans!
7/11/04: Random fun little update. Added kanji and romanji for the goofy little chants YuraSAMA says during the parapara lesson videos.
7/1/04: Kanji for Miracle High-Tension(Recorded as Saikoro Korokke), booklet scan image for [feel on the dark] because I HATE THAT SONG and it's EVIL and typing it up is giving me a headache. Oh, yes, if you have a pre-major debut single/album and want to contribute but can't type up kanji, give me a good large scan and I'll be happy to do it. Particularily interested in Kono Hoshi ni Negai o... from Prism so I can romanize it. ._.
6/20/04: Kanji and romanji for brilliant-world. Kanji typed by me from scan from lyrics booklet provided by a friend, pardon any errors that crept in.
6/15/04: Small update, kanji and romanji for Michi no Sora. Romanization, as in all uncredited cases, done by me, so blame me if anything is wrong. XP
6/13/04: Huge update thanks to lyrics masters AYA. Kanji for Megatron and Sei~Excalibur~Ken, romanji for Megatron, Mind Core and Gekiai Merry-Go Round, and translations for Aquaria and Megatron.
5/31/04: Romanji and translation for Dance II Heaven added, courtesy of Lyme.
5/25/04: Chinese Shounen added. Thanks to Sefie.
5/22/04: Site updated, intro blurb changed, With and Rin~Ai suru mono no tame ni~ romanized. Links created to sites with romanized lyrics.
5/22/04: Page created. All of Frontiers and Gekiai Merry-Go-Round/Shunkashuutou single, and Omoide Aruki from Omoide Aruki single available in kanji. AKUERIA and Omoide Aruki romanized.